Gelb Dental Splint

Gelb splint is a dental appliance designed to be placed over the lower teeth and commonly incorporates a lingual bar. The bar is supposed to provide greater room for the tongue and in that way provide higher levels of comfort. In some cases, Gelb dental splint features ball clasps to improve retention. The device is recommended for patients who struggle with mandibular displacement, oral/facial pain or are diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction. It is intended to provide occlusal stability and the patient’s natural dentition is used as guidance to create a custom Gelb splint.

Gelb splint is made from acrylic that is used for the coverage that covers the posterior teeth. Pindan Dental Laboratory fabricates Gelb dental splint in our laboratory in Chicago and offers delivery services to all dental practices in the US. Should you require additional modification and alterations, we are at your service to make them in a timely manner.

occlusal splint occlusal splint


Gelb dental splint has been first developed in the 1970s and, since then, researchers have been looking into its benefits. Today, it is most commonly used to help:

  • Stabilize or maintain the most optimal jaw position
  • Reduce click caused by TMJ
  • Decompress the TMJ disc
  • Provide neuromuscular release


In addition to Gelb dental splint, Pindan Dental Laboratory staff creates other types of occlusal guards to facilitate your patient’s treatment, including Talon splints, hard splints, and NTI dental splints. Our lab technicians have years of experience developing dental devices for specific cases and we invest in their education. Pindan Dental Laboratory team strives to continually advance their skills to be able to meet your every requirement.

We offer a free priority collection and delivery service, so don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about our processes. We are available via phone – 773 786 9494 – or email


Although Gelb dental splint is created only for the lower jaw, Pindan Dental Laboratory always asks for both upper and lower impressions, as well as bite registration. In the majority of cases, the dentist is required to deliver wax bite based on which our dental lab technicians can fabricate the Gelb splint. It is our goal to design the best Gelb splint for TMJ and facilitate the treatment process.

To deliver the highest level of quality and functionality, we rely on first-class materials and cutting-edge equipment. Our laboratory is ISO-certified and FDA-approved. We also understand that in some cases, your patients cannot wait and require fast solutions. Luckily for you, we have the resources to handle high-volume and urgent orders, even for some of the trickier cases. Pindan Dental Laboratory is widely praised for its high turnaround times and efficient delivery, so it is no wonder that dental practices from around the US turn to us when they need Gelb splint for TMJ treatment.