NTI Dental Splint

NTI dental splint (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) is designed to be placed on the anterior teeth to help patients who are diagnosed with bruxism and temporomandibular disorders, or those who suffer from tension-type headaches, facial pain, and migraines. It is designed to help reduce muscle contraction intensity, minimize joint strain, and reduce tooth wear.

NTI splint is a small, transparent dental device made from plastic, created to be placed over the front teeth during the night. When the time comes to remove it, NTI dental splint should be run in the warm water. It is classified as a partial occlusal splint.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we custom-create an NTI splint to fit your patient’s bite perfectly. The design also features a snap-in fit that ensures the NTI dental splint remains securely fitted through the night. The device serves to reduce clenching and negative impulses transmitted by nerves. For some patients, NTI splint shows immediate results, while others will notice the benefits after a couple of uses.

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Bruxism is a disorder that causes unconscious teeth grinding and clenching. If left untreated, bruxism can cause more or less severe teeth damage and migraines. An NTI dental splint is becoming an increasingly popular treatment, as it is created to prevent grinding and clenching.

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TMD or TMJ dysfunction results from overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve which happens as a consequence of excessive teeth occlusion. Using an NTI splint for TMJ, the intensity of the occlusion can be reduced, along with the pain it causes. It also causes muscles to relax and put them to rest, thus preventing chronic pain from occurring.

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In addition to helping treat side-effects of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders, NTI is praised for its many benefits, some of the biggest ones being:

  • High levels of comfort
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Quick results


Owing to our years of experience, we understand just how important it is to fabricate a dental device that fits the patient’s mouth ideally. Especially for patients who are expected to wear the guard for a prolonged period, unfitting dental devices may cause great discomfort and a range of other dental issues.

To avoid any negative side effects, we establish a strong relationship and seamless communication with a dental practice in an effort to create the most optimal NTI dental splint for the patient’s specific case. We will take you through the necessary process to establish the shape that will fit the patient perfectly and help treat bruxism or temporomandibular disorder.

We only use the best materials on the market to ensure the NTI splint serves effectively long-term. Pindan Dental Laboratory is also at your disposal for any additional alterations and modifications required.

Call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to milling@pindandentallab.com to inquire about our process. We deliver NTI dental splints across the country and promise quick and quality service.