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Pindan Dental Laboratory is proud to provide you with superior dental prosthetics and materials at very competitive prices.

Dental Products

We offer an extensive range of dental products that cover all aspects of fixed, semi and removable prosthetics. If you need it, chances are we can make it. Speak with one of our highly qualified technicians today to see what we can do for you.

We are a cutting-edge dental lab in Chicago that has the team and the resources to offer an extensive range of dental products to cover all aspects of fixed, semi and removable prosthetics.

If you need an effective dental solution, chances are we can make it. Contact our dental laboratory to speak with one of our highly qualified technicians today to see what we can do for you.

What We Offer 

Pindan Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental lab in Chicago able to meet the specific needs of its patients who seek a professional dental solution. Our mission is to help all of our dental partners improve their patients’ oral health and have them leave their practice satisfied, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 

Experienced. Quality. Reliable.
Trained technicians by leading international institutions.
Superior quality control.
Online platform to check on your casework.
Free pickup and delivery.
CAD CAM Manufacturing + Talented Artists
3d printing.
Laser sintered BEGO alloy frames.
5 axis milled restorations.
Hand-finished and refined by experts.
Hand Made Dentures
Ivoclar Ivostar® denture teeth.
Lucitone 199® high impact acrylic.
Valplast® flexible material.
Procedures that lead to quality patient outcomes.
Rigorous quality control.
Active communication on all casework.
Specialized technicians.
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Pindan Dental Lab

Pindan Dental Laboratory USA is a full-service dental laboratory specializing in all areas of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry.

Based in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois, we are proud to service our partnering dentists across the country, from Maine to New York to California to Washington, and everywhere in between.

Our mission is to deliver value to dentists and their patients. Thanks to the quality of our work, Pindan Dental Laboratory has built long term partnerships with reputable dental practices across the U.S.

Pindan Dental Services

State of the art technology is delivering better patient outcomes for dentists and their patients and Pindan Dental Laboratory USA prides itself on adopting the latest CAD/CAM technology.

We can assist dentists with full case planning backed by world-class technical support. We also work tirelessly to ensure turn around times and delivery meet the needs and expectations of our partnering dentists.

We stand by our ‘hassle-free’ case management system and trust you will value your experience with Pindan Dental Laboratory.

Pindan Dental Products

We are committed to the supply of high-quality dental products and materials at a price that is affordable to all dentists across the United States.

We provide a wide range of dental products covering crown & bridge, removable dentures, occlusal splints, orthodontic appliances, and many others.

Our dental lab is equipped with state of the art tools and dental equipment necessary to create first-class dental products that are bound to meet your patient’s requirements and deliver long term dental solutions.

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Pindan Dental Laboratory continues to invest in the latest dental technology to be able to deliver the finest solutions. Our goal is to help you help your patients. Ultimately, it is all about people’s oral health, as well as their smiles. 

All of the dental materials and fabrication is completed in ISO13485: 2003 accredited facilities, and our dental lab is FDA compliant. If need be, we are ready to provide a detailed specification sheet for all our fabrication materials. 

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