Dentures & Removable Prosthodontics

Dentures are fabricated to replace the missing teeth and aesthetically match the surrounding teeth in the patient’s mouth. In addition to restoring the functionality and aesthetics, dentures keep the natural structure of the mouth in place by supporting the structures around the lips and cheeks. They can help replace the teeth that cause oral health issues and pain, thus providing the patient with a more optimal lifestyle. If maintained properly, adequately fitted dentures can serve the patient long term and serve them as a more reliable and stronger alternative to their missing or previously fragile teeth.

To achieve the most natural-looking and durable results, it is essential to use first-class materials only and fabricate dentures and partials in an ISO-accredited and FDA-approved facility.

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Our Dentures

We specialize in all types of dentures and partials. Our quality removable prosthetic appliances are fabricated utilizing quality Ivoclar Ivostar denture teeth set up and processed with high impact resistant Lucitone 199 acrylic or flexible and strong Valplast® materials.

Our chrome partial denture frameworks are designed with the primary focus for retention and stability. They are cast and polished out of durable Bego Wironit® extra hard dental alloy.

We are able to customize your denture with clear or tooth-colored clasps to increase aesthetics.

Need an affordable prosthetic solution? Although we are headquartered in Chicago, we deliver removable prosthodontics dentures and other dental solutions to dental practices across the country. Take a look at the list of fixed and removable prosthodontics we can create and order the solution you require for one of your patients.

Removable Prosthodontics

Chrome Dentures

    Chrome partial dentures are a highly customizable and strong way to restore missing teeth, with the combination of cast CrCo frame and pink acrylic you can’t go wrong. Give your patient confidence with the precise fit and strength of a CrCO patrial denture.

Partial Denture

    Partial dentures are highly repairable with the ease of composite additions or acrylic repairs and relines you can see why this is such a popular option between patients and their dentists. A partial denture is an easy way to give a patient their smile back, either for a temporary solution or long-lasting result. Also commonly used as a “band-aid” to replace teeth that have been immediately extracted.

Flexible Dentures

    A very impressive material that provides great retention, comfort, durability, and aesthetics. With its flexible properties and ease of insertion, we see lots of these products in and out each day. Can be combined with partial CrCo or for full mouth dentures
dentures upper and lower dentures upper and lower

Complete Dentures

    Using Lucitone 199 high impact acrylic and the combination of Ivoclar teeth our full dentures provide a highly resilient and aesthetic outcome.

Denture Relines and Repairs

    It is recommended to assess a denture every 6 months for comfort and stability, regular relines are suggested to provide the patient with the best outcome.

Custom Trays

  • compressive custom trays
  • crown and bridge specific trays
  • perforated dental trays
  • implant pickup impression trays