Space Maintainers

A dental space maintainer is a dental device designed for children who lose their baby (primary) teeth early. To prevent potential teeth misalignment, dental professionals may advise the use of a space maintainer to keep the remaining teeth in place and facilitate oral health in general. The purpose of this orthodontic device is to maintain the space open for the permanent teeth to erupt at some point and assume their proper position. Without a dental space maintainer, children who lose their teeth prematurely may struggle with teeth misalignment which may result in some more or less serious oral health issues.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, space maintainers are custom-created from acrylic or metal material to be removable or fixed, depending on a specific case. We aim to create dental solutions that will facilitate children’s oral health but also provide high levels of comfort. As experts in the dental industry, we understand how important baby teeth are for the development of permanent teeth, jaw muscles, and bones, and how their premature loss can cause unwanted oral health deterioration.

Pindan Dental Laboratory is at your service to discuss the needs of your patients. Feel free to contact us via phone or email to further inquire about our space maintainers and other dental lab services that we provide.

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Dental space maintainers can be:

  • Fixed (unilateral, crown and loop, distal shoe, lingual)
  • Removable, which are similar to other acrylic-made orthodontic appliances.


Unilateral and crown and loop devices are fixed space maintainers designed only for one side of the mouth. Unilateral is created to be wrapped around the outside of the tooth and connected to a metal loop. The crown and loop space maintainer represents a crown that is created to cover the tooth and attach to the loop which maintains the space for the permanent tooth to erupt.


This particular device is slightly more complicated since its metal end is designed to be placed into the gum line. In the majority of cases, the distal shoe is recommended for children who want to ensure the uninterrupted growth of their molar teeth.

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A lingual space maintainer can be cemented to molar teeth and connected to the inside of the lower front teeth with a metal wire. It is usually bilateral in nature and can be used for children who have more than one missing tooth.


Pindan Dental Laboratory has the resources and employs the best dental experts who can design and fabricate the best space maintainer for your patient. We are widely praised for our seamless communication with dental practices from across the US. We know precisely which information we need to custom-create a fixed or removable dental space maintainer that will fit your patient and minimize chair time.

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