Lingual Retainer

A lingual retainer is a dental device used to facilitate orthodontic treatment. It is prescribed after the braces are removed to maintain the new, proper teeth alignment. Fixed lingual retainers are commonly recommended for patients who are at risk of severe malrotations, compromised periodontium, ectopic canines or forward tongue thrust, and similar oral issues to enable posterior settling. A lingual retainer is usually worn at all times for a year, after which the dental professional decides how to continue its use.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we fabricate a lingual retainer from first-grade stainless steel and use composite resin to adhere the appliance to the teeth. We understand that upon initial insertion, a fixed lingual retainer may cause some tongue obstruction, which is why we strive to create the highest quality and most optimal retainer for your patient.

orthodontic retainer orthodontic retainer


While removable retainer solutions are a more preferable choice, in certain cases a fixed lingual retainer is a better option, especially when dental professionals assume that the patient will not fully comply with the treatment. It is placed on the backside of the anterior teeth and maintains the proper alignment that is achieved as a result of orthodontic treatment.


Pindan Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental laboratory that specializes in all areas of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. We deliver quality dental services and products intended to facilitate your patients’ oral health and improve their smiles aesthetically.

We employ some of the most talented dental technicians who have rich knowledge, expert skills, and enviable experience. In our well-equipped laboratory, they fabricate a range of dental products, from crowns, bridges, and implants, to fixed and removable prosthodontics. We have the means to create different types of retainers, including Hawleys retainer, Beggs retainer, space maintainers, and fixed lingual retainer.

pindan dental lab pindan dental lab


Pindan Dental Laboratory’s material fabrication is completed to TÜV ISO 13485:2003. We operate according to the highest industry standards – our dental laboratory is ISO-compliant, FDA approved and all materials are registered. What is more, we offer excellent warranties on our products.

If you order a lingual retainer from Pindan Dental Laboratory, be sure that our technicians will be at your service for any slight additional adjustments so that your patient receives the best product to facilitate their oral health.

For more information on our lingual retainer or any other dental products, you may require, feel free to contact our dental laboratory and discuss the details with our dental lab technician. We are at your service to answer any of your questions and explain our processes.

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