At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we focus on providing the best practice in dental lab techniques, to produce high-quality restorative options, with a focus on providing a value approach. We achieve this by using the latest in digital technology plus years of experience in analogue techniques to deliver you a quality dental prosthesis.

We use sophisticated case management technology, which allows your clinic to have current information of your casework through our laboratory. You can organize collections, manage patient appointments, communicate important information. Shade photos, digital files can be uploaded an much more.

We are focused on maintaining quality communication with our partner clinics to ensure nothing gets missed and each case gets the attention to detail it deserves.

Some of our services consist of, case planning, intraoral photography & renowned technical support. We understand that prompt pickup and delivery services are essential, so we are devoted to ensuring your casework is collected and delivered on schedule without compromising quality.

We offer a free Priority collection and delivery service. Just call us and we take care of the rest 773 786 9494


Wherever possible we strive to ensure our service is delivered in a timely and efficient manner. However, factors beyond our control can influence our ability to do this. If we require further technical information or have problems to discuss with any particular case, we may need to adjust expected delivery times.

Prescribing dentists being available to discuss laboratory concerns as well as completing the relevant sections on the lab order form will greatly reduce any delays.