PFM Crowns & Bridge

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Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM’s) also known as a VMK, are made from a metal base with layering or veneering of ceramic to provide a natural tooth like structure with a strong malleable density.

PFM’s have been used since the 1950s and are still a popular restoration today. Mixed with the latest CAD/CAM technologies and printed options, PFM’s continue to provide a reliable outcome.

PFM’s can be made from several metals, from non-precious alloys through to high noble alloys. The non-precious PFM’s are extremely cost affective and can form one of the strongest alloys on the market.

PFM’s are extremely customizable and can be used in several different ways.  With the choice of attachments, margin designs, survey options, implants and large span bridges there isn’t much you can’t do!

You can achieve a great outcome with our PFM’s at a very competitive price.

Pros of PFM’s

  • long case studies and reliable outcomes
  • non-precious, semi-noble and high noble options
  • customizable
  • high durability and aesthetics
  • Cost effective


  • closest properties to natural dentition
  • high durability.
  • good solution to minimum occlusal clearance
  • high noble is extremely biocompatible.
  • can be fabricated from all alloy types
  • cost effective

Pros of Post & Cores

  • can be fabricated from all alloys and zirconia
  • can be opaqued
  • a good solution to build strength into a root treated tooth

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