PFM Crowns & Bridges

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Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges (PFM’s), also known as a VMK, is made from a metal base with layering or veneering of ceramic to provide a natural tooth-like restoration.

PFM’s have been used since the 1950s and are still a popular restoration. Mixed with the latest CAD/CAM technologies and 3D printed framework options, PFM’s continue to provide the most reliable outcome. Here at Pindan Dental Laboratory, we recognized the benefits of PFM crowns and PFM bridges and have equipped our premises with adequate equipment to fabricate them to meet the highest quality standards.

PFM’s can be made from several metals, from non-precious alloys through to high noble alloys. The non-precious PFM’s are extremely cost-effective and can form one of the strongest alloys on the market. Our facilities are ISO13485: 2003 accredited and we are FDA compliant. All laboratory material fabrication is completed to TÜV ISO 13485:2003. Pindan Dental Laboratory also partners with some of the most reputable manufacturers of dental materials to ensure that the porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges we create truly delivers the expected functionality and aesthetics.

PFM’s are extremely customizable and can be used in several different ways. With the choice of attachments, margin designs, survey options, implants, and large span bridges, there isn’t much you can’t do!

You can achieve a great outcome with our PFM’s at a very competitive price. Don’t hesitate to call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to We are headquartered in Chicago but have established a strong distribution network to deliver our products to our partnering dental practices across the States.


  • closest properties to natural dentition
  • high durability.
  • a good solution to minimum occlusal clearance
  • high noble is extremely biocompatible.
  • can be fabricated from all alloy types
  • cost-effective

Pros of PFM’s

  • long case studies and reliable outcomes
  • non-precious, semi-noble, and high noble options
  • customizable
  • high durability and aesthetics
  • Cost-effective

Pros of Post & Cores

  • can be fabricated from all alloys and zirconia
  • can be opaqued
  • a good solution to build strength into a root treated tooth

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Types of PFM Crowns and Bridges

Depending on the type of metal alloys used for the fabrication of the porcelain fused to metal dental products, PFMs can be classified into three main types:

  1. Base or Non-precious alloy. Metals used for their fabrication include chromium, nickel, and others. It represents the strongest and lowest cost option metal alloy.
  2. Noble or Semi-precious that contain somewhere around 40 percent of precious metals like platinum and gold. They are considered to be of high quality and durable but are more affordable than high noble PFM crowns.
  3. High noble or Precious PFM crowns consist of about 60 percent of platinum or gold or palladium. It is the most expensive type of porcelain fused to metal crown and is at the same time the most durable and reliable one.