Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a prosthodontic solution that is used when all teeth are missing in the lower or the upper jaw. It is usually used after a patient undergoes a tooth extraction due to serious tooth decay or gum disease. Complete dentures will help restore functions such as bite and speech. The false teeth created for the denture can be made to resemble the patient’s teeth in shape and color and in that way create the most natural look possible.

There are two types of complete dentures:

  • Conventional, when impressions for the denture are taken after all necessary teeth are extracted and gums are healed.
  • Immediate dentures can be provided before tooth extraction. This way the patient has an immediate solution that will be readjusted after the gums heal.
dentures dentures


When a patient is missing only one or a few teeth, a dentist may recommend partial dentures. However, if the patient is missing several teeth, complete dentures are a better alternative. Whether or not a complete denture will be used depends on a specific case, but generally speaking, the best patients are the ones who:

  • Have an entire set of teeth removed
  • Have issues with their bite because of the several missing teeth
  • Have trouble eating because of the several teeth missing

It is also understandable for people who have missing teeth to lack confidence. Complete denture prosthodontics will restore functionality and help improve aesthetics.

upper and lower dentures 3 upper and lower dentures 3


Complete dentures are a great solution for people who have several missing teeth in their upper or lower jaw. They can:

  • Restore functionality
  • Ease eating and speaking
  • Benefit wellbeing
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Boost confidence
dentures 23 dentures 23


To create the most optimal denture design, Pindan Dental Laboratory suggests relying on a diagnostic wax-up technique. It will create the most accurate 3D model of the patient’s upper and/or lower jaw, giving us the best tool to fabricate complete denture prosthodontics that will fit their mouth ideally. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a solution that will restore functionality, provide the highest level of comfort, as well as an aesthetically pleasing result.


Pindan Dental Laboratory became one of the best dental laboratories in the states due to the quality of our dental products. We specialize in all areas of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry and continually run programs to upskill our technicians to be able to meet all our client’s requirements.

We know that each patient comes with a unique case and requires a personalized dental solution. For complete denture prosthodontics, we use the best materials that maximize the quality and durability of the product. We create complete denture designs in our FDA-approved and ISO-certified laboratory where we keep the latest equipment. Call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to to inquire about our complete dentures. We are headquartered in Chicago but have established a solid distribution network that allows us to deliver our dental products and services to partners across the US.