Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainer is an orthodontic device designed for post-treatment. It is a removable device intended to maintain the most optimal teeth alignment. Hawley retainer is made of plastic and metal, two materials that are custom-molded to fit the patient’s mouth ideally.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we partner with the most reliable industry names to ensure our laboratory is equipped to fabricate the highest quality Hawley’s retainer. We create the plastic plate to fit the roof of the mouth, and metal wires to run across the front teeth and keep them in their proper place.

orthodontic retainer orthodontic retainer


In order for the retainer to serve its purpose effectively, it has to be tailor-made to fit the patient’s unique, properly aligned bite. Adequately designed Hawleys retainer is popular due to its:

  • Adjustability, making them ideal even for patients who have not achieved perfect results after wearing braces. Hawley retainer can be adjusted to further improve teeth alignment.
  • Durability, especially when compared to some other types of retainers.
  • The versatility of design, allows patients to choose the color of the retainer they love the most.

Pindan Dental Laboratory makes sure to create a Hawley retainer that will provide all the above-listed benefits, as well as deliver the utmost comfort for the wearer. This particular type of retainer is used in post-treatment and, in the majority of cases, dental professionals advise their patients to wear the retainer regularly for the first 18 months (depending on the specific case). Since the patient is required to wear the device for a prolonged period, it is our job to design a Hawley’s retainer that will fit the mouth perfectly and minimize discomfort.

pindan dental lab pindan dental lab


Pindan Dental Laboratory is located in Chicago, Illinois. However, since the establishment, we have built strong connections with dental practices across the States. Thanks to us, you can get a Hawley retainer online and be sure that it will be fabricated in accordance with your patient’s needs.

What our partners praise about our dental services is the quality of communication. We have established a proven process that enables us to fully comprehend your patient’s requirements and build a product that will facilitate their treatment.
For more information on our process and to order Hawley retainer, feel free to call us on 773 786 9494 or send an email to info@pindandentallab.com