Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures can be a great replacement for missing teeth. They are removable and are fabricated on a cobalt chrome alloy framework which serves as a basis to which the teeth and gums are attached. Chrome dentures are designed with clasps that contribute to further stability and durability.

Aside from their aesthetic benefits, chrome dentures help keep the remaining teeth properly aligned. In some cases, when patients are missing several teeth, the remaining ones may shift. Designing chrome dentures to fit in place of the missing teeth will prevent misalignment and maintain optimal teeth positioning.

The reason why many patients prefer chrome dentures to some other alternatives is the fact that they are less visible when you speak or smile. Chrome denture design does include metal parts, but they are covered in gum-colored acrylic. Furthermore, they provide greater stability since the metal clasps attach to the patient’s natural teeth without causing any discomfort.

Prior to proposing a chrome denture as the most optimal solution, a dental professional should inspect the patient’s oral tissue and take the impression of the teeth and bite. Using the bite impression, Pindan Dental Laboratory constructs the denture framework and sends it over to have it fitted. We are at your disposal for any additional adjustments to ensure maximum comfort.

partial flipper denture partial flipper denture


Pindan Dental Laboratory designs chrome partial dentures to help improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the patient’s oral health. They can be used both for the lower and upper jaw. Generally speaking, they last between 5 and 10 years but their longevity varies on a range of factors. The best candidates for chrome partial dentures are patients whose remaining teeth are in great condition – strong, healthy, and are unlikely to fall out anytime soon.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we strive to create chrome partial dentures that will seem as natural as possible. Our goal is to deliver a solution that will fit the patient’s jaw perfectly, in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

full upper denture 4 full upper denture 4


In order to produce the highest quality chrome denture design, we rely on some of the most reputable industry names. We use materials for acrylic and denture teeth such as Lucitone 199®, Probase® Cold, Valplast®, Ivostar® Denture Teeth, and others to ensure high impact strength, stability, and aesthetic coloring properties. All our laboratory material fabrication is completed to TÜV ISO 13485:2003 and we employ strict quality measures in every case.

Since its establishment, our goal has been delivering first-class quality for our dental partners so that they can achieve the most optimal results for their patients. Pindan Dental Laboratory technicians create all chrome dentures and chrome partial dentures in collaboration with you. To this day, seamless communication has been our most efficient tool in the creation process. We use cutting-edge tools and equipment to fabricate a chrome denture design that will match your request.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Comfortable, especially in comparison to standard acrylic
  • High tensile strength
  • Great retention
  • Amazing aesthetic result
  • Easy to maintain
  • Biocompatible
  • Resistant to fracture
  • Resistant to wear