Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth. At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we create partial dentures either all from plastic or a mixture of metal and plastic, with clasps to secure the partial denture in the mouth. In addition to filling the spaces between the remaining teeth to create a more pleasing look, partial dentures prevent tooth misalignment. In general, they help improve the patient’s wellbeing by creating partial dentures for lower teeth or partial dentures for back teeth that will allow the patient to eat and even speak more easily. The improved look will also benefit their confidence.

Metal dentures are commonly fabricated using an alloy of chromium and cobalt and are considered quite strong and durable. They are light and provide comfort for the patient. In terms of aesthetics, we design partial dentures with gum-colored plastic so that they would blend more easily with the remaining teeth. What is more, we pay close attention to the color we use for the teeth that are placed on the partial denture. We know that all patients want to achieve as a natural look as possible, which is why we do our best to match the color with the surrounding natural teeth.

Alternative treatments may include a fixed bridge or a dental implant. The final decision will be made after the patient-dentist consultation.

partial flipper denture partial flipper denture


We create both partial dentures for front teeth and partial dentures for back teeth. Our ultimate goal is to restore functionality and improve aesthetics by creating the most optimal partial denture for a specific case. We know that in order to succeed in our mission, we need to establish seamless communication with our partners.

Pindan Dental Laboratory uses the latest CAD/CAM system and 3D milling and printing technologies. Our dental diagnostics work is designed to help dental professionals diagnose their patients and come up with the best treatment plan. Furthermore, we utilize the best materials to fabricate partial dentures that will ensure durability, stability, and high levels of comfort.

chrome partial denture chrome partial denture


Pindan Dental Laboratory is in Chicago but has an established distribution network across the US. We are at the disposal of all our partners in the States, no matter how remote they are.

We build solid and long-term relationships with all of our partners. Our communication skills helped us build such a rich portfolio of clients who entrust us with even some of the trickier cases.

Most importantly – our work doesn’t end here – we are at your service for any additional adjustments and modifications.

partial denture and 3d printed models partial denture and 3d printed models


  • Restores functionality by replacing one or more missing teeth
  • Cost-effective in comparison to other prosthetic solutions
  • Delivers stability even when there is not enough bone structure
  • Doesn’t place a great deal of pressure on the jaw
  • Helps maintain the position of the remaining teeth
  • Helps maintain the facial structure

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