Talon Splint

Talon splint, also called an occlusal guard, night guard, and bit plate is a dental device created to facilitate a number of dental treatments. Talon splint is removable and is used for diagnosis or therapy as it can help patients who are diagnosed with bruxism, temporomandibular disorder (TMJ dysfunction), periodontal splinting, and orthodontic stabilization. The splint helps achieve occlusal stabilization and prevents any teeth movement when the mandible is closed.

talon splints talon splints


Talon splint has become extremely popular among dental professionals and patients due to its unique qualities. It represents a perfect combination of the benefits that come with both a hard splint and a soft splint, in that way eliminating their disadvantages. As a result, Talon splint is much easier to create and reduces the time it takes to modify it to fit the patient’s mouth.

A part of the Talon splint that comes in contact with teeth is made of soft, thermoplastic polymer to provide comfort. The material we use here at Pindan Dental Laboratory is carefully chosen to match the body temperature and not add any discomforting pressure. The pliable thermoplastic interior bonds to a shell made of hard acrylic to enable normal occlusal adjustments.

To fit it in the mouth, the guard is first placed in warm water so that it would slightly soften and easily modify while still keeping its high retention properties. With Talon splint, there are no additional internal adjustments due to the custom-fit experience this device provides.

talon splint occlusal talon splint occlusal


Talon splint represents the middle ground between a hard splint and a soft splint, thus combining the benefits of both guards.

  • It requires minimal chair time during the adjustment process
  • It is easy to insert and remove
  • It provides high levels of comfort for the patient
  • It provides optimum retention
  • It is durable and beneficial for bruxism patients
  • It is resistant to wear
  • It is one of the safest splints as there is no leaching of plasticizers
  • It has shape memory and can revert to its original shape after deformation


Pindan Dental Laboratory specializes in all areas of cosmetic and prosthodontic dentistry. We have years of experience fabricating dental devices that facilitate patient health and recovery. Our technicians have the skills and the cutting-edge equipment at their disposal that allows them to create first-class Talon occlusal splints. We are also at your disposal for any additional adjustments, regardless of your location. Pindan Dental Laboratory has established a reliable distribution network and offers its services to all dental practices in the US.

Pindan Dental Laboratory offers all-around dental lab services. In addition to Talon splint, we have the means to create other types of occlusal splints. Call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to info@pindandentallab.com to inquire about dental products and services.