Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are a prosthodontic solution for people who have one or more missing teeth. They are intended to restore functionality and improve aesthetics, thus bettering the patient’s wellbeing. They will ease eating and speaking, as well as boost confidence.

Flexible dentures differ from partial dentures in the type of material used for their fabrication. Namely, since flexible dentures are designed for long-term usage, they are made from dental materials that can provide durability and comfort. Considering, flexible dentures are made from a thin thermoplastic, as opposed to fixed dentures made of a more rigid material.

flexible valplast partial denture flexible valplast partial denture


At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we aim to design flexible dentures that would fit in perfectly with the patient’s teeth. The color and shape of the teeth created for the denture should match the remaining teeth in the patient’s mouth so that the outcome would look as natural as possible. To achieve the best results, we use the highest quality materials and fabrication, all completed to TÜV ISO 13485:2003. We collaborate with the most reputable names in the dental industry to ensure we have the best tools to create the most optimal flexible dentures for your patients.

Pindan Dental Laboratory staff has rich experience and exceptional dental skills. We constantly work on advancing their expertise to be able to provide our clients with products that deliver quality, durability, functionality, and comfort.

In our state-of-the-art dental laboratory, we create both flexible partial dentures and flexible full dentures. We assure you of the quality of our products since we design flexible dentures to last and serve your patients for as long as possible. Nevertheless, Pindan Dental Laboratory is at your service for any additional adjustments and regular maintenance.

valplast denture 2 valplast denture 2


Flexible dentures are a common choice due to the level of comfort they provide. What is more, they are highly stable and reliable. The secret is in the flexible resin coating on the outer layer of the base which provides flexibility and successfully locks in the denture around the undercut of the jaw bone. In comparison to other orthodontic solutions, flexible dentures are lighter, and they look and feel more natural. Whether we are talking about full flexible dentures or flexible partial dentures, the benefits are the same:

  • Restore functionality
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Strong and durable
  • Provide greater comfort
diagnostic waxup planning dental diagnostic waxup planning dental


To create the best dentures for your patients, we advise our partners to use a diagnostic wax-up technique. The model created is the best communication tool between our dental lab technician and dental practice. It is the best representation of the patient’s mouth and as such enables us to create the most optimal flexible denture that will fit with their remaining teeth. For more information about Pindan Dental Laboratory and our flexible dentures, feel free to call us on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message at info@pindandentallab.com. We are located in Chicago but deliver our dental products across the US.