Zirconia Crown

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Zirconia has quickly become a trusted and aesthetic material choice to restore with amongst dentists. It is imperishable and extremely long-lasting, well suited for creating crowns and bridges.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory we design our zirconia restorations digitally using 3d scanners and CAD software. The model work is prepared, scanned, and designed by our experienced team of technicians. A block of zirconia is milled in a pre-sintered state, then characterised with internal staining liquids. We then sinter the material to strengthen it up to 1200MPa. External stains and glaze materials are added prior to the crown being dispatched for insert. These crowns are typically 4 to 5 times stronger than a porcelain fused to metal crown.

Zirconia crowns are pleasing to the eye and really do mimic natural tooth characteristics with the help of our experienced dental technicians.


zirconia crown zirconia crown

Zirconia is a biologically safe material to use in your mouth and all studies performed on the material have shown very promising results in regards to longevity. Looked after properly a well-designed crown should be with a patient for 20 plus years.

There is also the advantage of avoiding unsightly metal finish lines or black gum lines commonly visable when using a porcelain fused metal crown. Zirconia restorations can also be used in cases where minimal preparation is required as the material can be finished as thin as 0.3mm in parts.

Although these dental restorations are very popular, some clinicians still prefer other options like good old fashioned gold crowns and pfms. There are longer studies on these other types of restorations.

For more information on the design and manufacture of zirconia crowns please contact us today.

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  • suited to posterior crowns
  • 1200Mpa compressive strength
  • large span bridges and single crowns
  • moderate to low translucency depending on thickness
  • can be characterized to most shades
  • block out stump discoloration


  • full contour or layered design options
  • 600Mpa
  • suited for anterior restorations and minimal prep
  • high translucency
  • comparable with emax translucency
  • not suited with underlying discolouration


  • most versatile and recommended restoration
  • best combination of strength and aesthetics
  • high durability
  • zirconia frames with fused VM7 ceramic
  • block out underlying discoloration
  • suitable for all restoration types
  • highly characterised and aesthetic