Hard Splint

A hard splint is a dental device used to help patients treat different disorders of the masticatory system, like bruxism. It can effectively help protect the teeth from wear and tear, as well as reduce the symptoms of TMJ. They are made from hard acrylic intended to fit over the incisal and occlusal surfaces of the patient’s mandibular or maxillary teeth. A hard splint takes a bit more time to adjust so that it would ensure a perfectly balanced bite.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we create hard splint dental devices from the best materials. We partner only with the most reputable industry names to ensure your patients get the highest quality dental products and solutions that will serve them optimally and long term.

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Hard splint dental devices proved to be highly effective in the treatment of a range of disorders of the masticatory system, especially bruxism. Its design and materials used to fabricate the device make it one of the strongest and most durable splint appliances.

Some researchers showed that hard splints are also beneficial when combined with soft splints. Namely, studies have shown that hard splints are effective when used for a shorter period of time and display changes much sooner than other types of splints.

Hard splints offer greater stability and durability in comparison to soft splints, which makes them a better alternative for patients who require greater restrain.


A hard splint is used for patients diagnosed with TMJ to help them promote a more orthopedically stable TMJ position. It is highly effective in reducing pain, clicking, and other TMJ-related symptoms. It is also recommended for patients whose jaw is out of position. In cases when the jaw deviates to one side, a hard bite splint helps reposition the jaw in a more balanced position to reduce the pain and strain.


Hard splints are a common solution for patients who are diagnosed with nocturnal bruxism. Placing a hard occlusal splint in the mouth every night before sleep helps control the nighttime activity of jaw muscles. This way, a hard splint prevents the wear and tear of teeth, helps maintain oral health, and generally improves the quality of sleep. As they are made from hard acrylic, hard splints are created to serve long-term users efficiently.


Pindan Dental Laboratory is an all-around provider of dental products and services. We have the tools, equipment, and materials required to fabricate quality hard splints and other devices beneficial for the treatment of dental-related issues.

In addition to hard splints, Pindan Dental Laboratory creates Talon splints, NTI splints, and Gelb splints. To find out more about our dental solutions, feel free to contact us by calling 773 786 9494 or via email – info@pindandentallab.com. We ship our products across the States so you can easily order a dental splint for bruxism today and have your patient start the treatment ASAP.