Custom Tray

Impression trays serve to carry, confine and control the impression material from the patient’s mouth. A custom tray is used to help insert and remove the impression material more easily.

digital impressions digital impressions


There are several classifications of impression trays, segmented according to the:

  • Method of fabrication
    • Stock trays (full arch, sectional, and quadrant)
    • Custom trays
  • Teeth absent from the mouth
    • Edentulous, which are rounded and intended for patients without teeth
    • Dentulous, which are more square in shape and intended for patients with teeth
  • Method of interlocking of material
    • Perforated trays
    • Non-perforated trays
    • Rim-lock trays (water-cooled and non-water cooled)

Impression trays are a key component in the process of functional and aesthetic dental restoration. For more information on what we can do for your patient, call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to

custom dental impression tray custom dental impression tray


Pindan Dental Laboratory creates custom trays on the particular patient’s cast so that it would be perfectly shaped for their specific case. As such, they represent a far better alternative to predefined stock trays. At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we fabricate custom tray dental solutions to be strong and sturdy, but not too thick, so that they would retain their shape throughout the impression procedure. We use either metallic or non-metallic materials to construct custom compression molded trays so we urge you to get in touch and discuss the option that better suits your requirements.

We create different types of custom tray dental solutions to meet your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide our dental partners with adequate tools that will facilitate their patients’ recovery.