Denture Repair

Pindan Dental Laboratory fabricates first-grade dentures that provide the highest levels of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. However, it is quite natural for the patient to notice after a year or two that their dentures are no longer a perfect fit. Both dentures and the patient’s jawline are prone to reshaping over time, which ultimately reduces the denture’s functionality and may cause pain and irritation for the patient. Furthermore, regardless of the type of material they are made from, dentures are susceptible to wear and tear.

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Dentures are created to help patients who have lost a few or more teeth and have difficulty talking and eating. Tooth loss can also greatly affect a person’s confidence, which means that a denture can benefit different aspects of a person’s lifestyle.

However, to serve its purpose right, a denture has to be custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. This means that in case a denture breaks or changes in shape even slightly, it loses all its benefits and can even cause some damage to the patient’s mouth. Unsuitable dentures can cause pain and discomfort, as well as teeth misalignment.

To prevent the denture from misaligning the patient’s teeth or hurting soft tissue, it should be sent over to Pindan Dental Laboratory so that we can perform a denture repair.

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When dentures break or start to cause discomfort, a patient should schedule to have them repaired or adjusted. At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we are in it for the long haul. We establish strong bonds with all of our partnering dental practices and are at your disposal for any adjustments and denture repair services.

While the dentures that we create are fabricated from top-grade dental materials, it is natural for the denture to change in shape and lose fit, or even break. Our years of experience have taught us that we need to be available for any urgent repairs at all times so that your patients would benefit from our dental solutions.

We pride ourselves on our low turnaround times. We are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment and employ the best dental professionals who know how to address an issue they are presented with. Our facilities are ISO-accredited and FDA-approved, as well as furnished with everything we may need to provide swift and quality dental services.


Pindan Dental Laboratory is headquartered in Chicago but has established strong ties with dental practices across the US. We have perfected our system and are able to deliver quick and quality dental services, no matter how remote you are. We are praised for our exceptional communication skills which allow us to complete any dental work accurately and with ease. We are the best denture repair lab in Chicago and promise to do everything we can in the shortest amount of time to modify the dentures you sent us to perform optimally again.

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