Occlusal Splint

talon splint occlusal talon splint occlusal

Occlusal guards, bite planes, night guards and occlusal splints are devices provided to help with TMJ dysfunction, bruxism, jaw clenching, and protection for new dental restorations. In fact, for some time now, an occlusal splint has been considered the best way to treat TMJ dysfunction due to its effectiveness and non-invasiveness. Most recently, an occlusal splint can be used for patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea since it can be designed to reposition the lower jaw and help create unobstructed airflow. The devices act as an anode, the acrylic surface that the opposing dentition touches will wear before the natural tooth structure.

An occlusal splint device is tailor-made from acrylic resin and is intended to guide the jaw while it is moving front-to-back and side-to-side. As such, they are a perfect dental solution for people who struggle with harmful habits, as well as those who require additional support for their jaw.
Pindan Dental Laboratory specializes in all areas of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. We have the facilities, equipment, and a team of experts needed to create the highest quality occlusal splint for your patient. We have established partnerships with dental practices from all over the country and have had the opportunity to work on a range of specific cases. We have created an occlusal splint for bruxism and other dental-related issues before – and the results are outstanding.


Splints and guards are highly customizable and can be made to many specifications. Pindan Dental Laboratory strives to design a night guard occlusal splint that will meet your and your patients’ demands, solving their dental and oral health issues.

Our most popular occlusal splints are:

  1. Talon Splint
  2. Hard/soft splints

Call us now on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to info@pindandentallab.com to inquire about the occlusal splint for bruxism or any other dental issue you wish to solve for your patient. We ship our products across the US!


Our Talon® occlusal splints are our most popular and superior, with a Thermo active internal layer and hard exterior that we believe is the best material on the market. It offers a unique combination of benefits, enabling superior comfort, retention, and ease of insertion. Some of the greatest benefits cited include:

  • Easy insertion, as a patient can put their Talon occlusal splint in hot water to soften it and easily place it in the mouth. As it cools, the material will harden and provide the necessary support.
  • No leaching will occur as the material is durable and will not deteriorate easily.
  • The superior wear resistance of the hard acrylic surface is what makes Talon occlusal splint a more preferable alternative.
  • Talon is praised for its shape memory, which means that it will revert to its original state even if it undergoes plastic deformation.

An accurate bite with the VD correctly set is an essential piece of information the technicians require to make sure your custom splint or guard fits perfectly with minimal chairside adjustments.