Occlusal Splint

talon splint occlusal talon splint occlusal

Occlusal guards, bite planes, night guards and occlusal splints are devices provided to help with TMJ dysfunction, bruxism, jaw clenching and protection for new dental restorations. The devices act as an anode, the acrylic surface that the opposing dentition touches will wear before the natural tooth structure.

Our Talon® occlusal splints are our most popular, with a thermo active internal layer and hard exterior we believe this is the best material on the market. It allows for superior comfort, retention and ease of insertion.

An accurate bite with the VD correctly set is an essential piece of information the technicians require to make sure your custom splint or guard fits perfectly with minimal chair side adjustments.
Splints and guards are highly customizable and can be made to many specifications, our most popular are.

1. Talon Splint
2. Hard splint
3. NTI splint
4. Gelb splint