Dental Post and Core Crown

A post and core crown is a prosthodontics solution proposed for patients who do not have enough sound tooth tissue to insert a conventional dental crown. First, the dentist prepares the root canal and cements a post in it. The post retains the core restoration, which retains the crown. They are most commonly used for anterior teeth since posterior teeth are much smaller and less retentive.

To decide whether a patient is a good candidate for a post and core crown, the dental professional has to assess whether there is adequate coronal tooth structure, whether the canal is deep enough to retain a post, see if there is enough dentine thickness, and whether it is possible to restore the tooth.

To provide sufficient retention, the post is best to reach two-thirds of the total length of the root canal. Creating the longest post possible ensures that the force the crown receives distributes over as much root as possible.

At Pindan Dental Laboratory, we fabricate cast posts for patients who are not good candidates for a prefabricated post. We use the best materials to create post and core dental crowns – gold, titanium, or other metal, as well as for non-metallic solutions like zirconia or ceramic, all to ensure maximum quality and durability.

Post and core x-ray of teeth. Post and core x-ray of teeth.


The best candidates for a post and core dental crown are patients who have lost their teeth due to teeth decay, access cavity, or fracture. By placing a core, the bulk of a tooth’s missing structure is replaced, and a proper foundation for the crown is created. Thus, a more stable base is created for the restoration and the possibility of crown dislocation will be minimized.

A dentist decides whether the patient is a good candidate for a dental post and core solution, but in most cases, it is used when half or more of the tooth’s clinical crown is damaged or missing.

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Pindan Dental Laboratory is a Chicago-based dental laboratory that specializes in cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. Due to the quality of our work, we managed to grow our reputation quickly and are today known as one of the best dental laboratories in the States. We have established a strong distribution network and long-standing partnerships with dental practices across the US.

We utilize the best tools and equipment to manufacture dental products that will meet our partners’ needs and benefit their patients. Among other services, we help fabricate quality post and core dental crowns from the best dental materials.

We are FDA-approved and ISO-certified, and all of our fabrication is completed to TÜV ISO 13485:2003. We also provide a detailed specification sheet on request if you wish to see the details of our dental post and core fabrication process.

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