Denture Reline

Pindan Dental Laboratory fabricates fixed and removable, complete and partial dentures to serve your patients long-term. However, proper maintenance is required, as well as regular repairs, relines, and adjustments to ensure the dentures serve their purpose.

We are known across the US for the quality of our work and unmatched client service. Pindan Dental Laboratory builds strong bonds and lasting relationships with all its partners. We are at your service at all times, which means that after we deliver a well-designed denture for your patient, we remain available for any future denture adjustments and relines.

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Though the denture may initially fit perfectly, it is expected that the fit of the denture changes over time. No matter the type of dentures, it is recommended to have them relined by a dental professional every 1-2 years.
When performing hard denture relines, a layer of plastic is removed from the interior surface and is used to create the impression. We use that impressive to perform a hard denture reline and necessary denture adjustments to fit the shape of the tissue.

A soft denture reline is performed when a patient has sensitive gums and feels soreness while wearing the denture. Then we utilize a softer material that will be much gentler on your gums and will minimize the discomfort.
While we use the best materials on the market for the fabrication of our dentures, the materials used for soft reline denture will stay pliable for about 1-2 years, meaning that regular maintenance and adjustment is necessary.

occlusal view denture occlusal view denture


In order for the denture to function as intended long-term, it has to undergo regular denture adjustments. In time, both the patient’s jaw and gum structure may change, and the appliance may be compromised. While we use the best materials to fabricate our dentures, some minor wear is unavoidable. Namely, the gums and underlying bone put pressure on the acrylics and resin, so it is common for the denture to slightly change in shape. Though these changes are minimal, they are great enough to cause some discomfort due to imperfect fit.

Denture reline and denture adjustments are necessary to prevent long-term discomfort, but also to prevent any greater damage to the denture. A relined and adjusted denture will also be more aesthetically pleasing.

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Pindan Dental Laboratory is known for its excellent turnaround times. We have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment necessary to deliver the most optimal results quickly. We have optimized our processes to meet some more specific and challenging demands. Our FDA-approved and ISO-certified dental laboratory is located in Chicago, but we have established a strong distribution network. Pindan Dental Laboratory delivers dental lab services to dental practices across the US, quickly and efficiently.

To consult on denture adjustments and relines, call Pindan Dental Laboratory on 773 786 9494 or send us a direct message to Our professional dental technicians are happy to answer all your questions.